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Here at Mountain Berry Farms our Jams, Jellies, and Preserves are carefully hand-crafted the old fashion way in small batches. We use only the freshest fruits, vegetables, pure cane sugar, and finest ingredients to create a variety of  artisanal gourmet flavors and surprising combinations that will give your taste buds a treat!


 Many of our flavors come from recipes that have been handed down through many generations in our family. Our Country Spiced Apple Butter and our Tomato Jam recipes are over 150 years old; these come from our great, great, great Grandma's own recipe box. The cooking methods have changed over the years but the ingredients and wonderful flavors are still the same.

One thing you will notice as your browse through our selection of jams is  all of the unique flavors.

When we started making the jams we wanted to  produce flavors that were different and better tasting than what was being offered at the markets.


 Our goal is to make the kind of flavors that your friends will tell you how wonderful they are, but are not necessarily willing to share theirs with you.


The kind that leaves that sweet or spicy taste on your tongue that linger long after the jam is gone and makes you want to come back for more week after week.


Your hardest choice will be deciding which one of the great flavors to try next . Good Luck


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