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Cameron’s Chicken-Green Chili-Bacon Wrapped Kabobs



8-10 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (or thighs)

10-15 Roasted Green Chili’s cut into strips (Try and find the sweet chili’s with a little kick)

1-2 Pounds Thick Sliced Bacon

10-15 Wood Skewers (Soak in water before using to keep from burning)

2- Bottle of Big E’s Sauce (Original, Spicy, Or the Jalapeno & Habanero)

Assorted pieces of Pineapple and Green & Red Peppers & anything else you like.



- Cut the chicken into 3” cubes.


- Cut the green chili’s long ways and remove the seeds and the stem.

Strips should be 1” wide and long enough to wrap around the chicken.


Wrap the green chili strips around the piece of chicken and follow with a strip of bacon to hold everything together. Slide these onto the pre-soaked skewers alternating with chunks of pineapple and green and red peppers.


-  Repeat this until you have 5-6 pieces on each skewer. Remember these will shrink as they cook so don’t make the pieces to small.


- Before you start cooking, place a foil pan on the grill that is big enough to hold the Kabobs.


-  Pour a bottle or two of Big E’s sauce into the foil pan and let it start to heat up.

As this heats the sugar in the sauce will thicken and makes the sauce very sticky.


- Cook the Kabobs on the grill over medium heat without sauce until the bacon is done and the chicken is cooked. About 10-12 minutes. Turn frequently to avoid burning.

- When the kabobs are almost done, turn down the heat some and brush them with the sauce from the pan.


-  At this point I like to move the kabobs into the foil pan and let them sit in the sauce and soak it up for about 20 minutes. This part is really the secret because the brown sugar in the sauce has already started to caramelize which makes everything all sticky and gooey.


** (If you have smoker try smoking these for about 1 hour and then finish them on the grill.)  

Kabobs 1 Kabobs 2 Kabobs 3 Kabobs 4 Kabobs 5